The Speakership Collective
The Speakership Collective
Margaret Watts Romney

We're creating a community who believes "Speakership is Leadership"

About "The Speakership Collective"

Solving communication obstacles 
through supported education 
to build your confidence and impact.

The “Speakership Collective” is a community of entrepreneur-minded, purpose-driven, emerging leaders and expert facilitators. 

Together, we build confident, grounded, and purpose-driven speaking practices and habits from the screen and the stage, from individual conversations to large audience presentations. 

Developing solid leadership speaking habits are important to us and nearly impossible to do on our own. 

We gather so that we can speak with confidence, share stories, navigate a rapidly changing world together, and more powerfully share our unique gifts with this unique world.

  • Weekly Interactive Learning events & archives

  • A growing community of speaker-leaders

  • A year-long program of monthly topics including battling impostor syndrome, storytelling for fun and influence, managing pre-speaking nerves, extemporaneous speaking practice, and more from regular guest experts!

Stay tuned for news about our new Groups opening September 1 focused on...

  • Paid speaking gigs

  • Personal storytelling

  • Practicing leadership every day in real-time

  • Camera presence & voice control & body language

  • Live group coaching and feedback on all your speakership

Membership opens in September, with our kick-off event on September 14! 

About "Speakership"

Speakership moments arrive in crucial conversations, important presentations, speaking up meetings, or keynoting from the screen and stage...all of it is part of YOUR Speakership.

We believe that we all have the opportunity and even the responsibility to ask ourselves and understand... 

  • What's the world that I want to build?

  • What are the gifts I give my listeners? 

  • How do I connect impactfully to my stakeholders?

  • What steps can I take right now to move my community forward?  

When you are speaking, you are a leader. If you are leading, you need to speak. 

So, what are the next skills you need?



Are You a Match For The Speakership Collective?

After thousands of hours of working with performers, TEDx speakers, and leaders, we see that evolving speaking skills are not a one-and-done deal.

It takes time. Practice. Feedback. And re-engaging from new perspectives. 

Time and time again, the traits that bode well for powerful speakership are:

Humility: an understanding that Speakership is an ongoing practice and that interaction with a wide range of listeners gives valuable information that you couldn't receive on your own. 

Generosity: an attitude of "I want to make my listener's lives better" and "I grow my Speakership as I participate with others developing their Speakership too."

Curiosity: approaching each startling idea or setback with an attitude of, "interesting! What is there for me to learn here?

As James Clear said in Atomic Habits, 
“You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the levels of your systems.”
What systems do you have in place to grow your speaking and leading?


Details about our GROUPS 

For higher accountability, a broader range of topics, speaking feedback, and safe community vulnerability and celebration, we invite you to join one or more of our groups.

Leadership Practitioner Group

Equipping everyone with practical skills and tools that will boost their practice of leadership.


  • Weekly Practitioner Learning Circles

  • Access to exclusive articles and podcast episodes

  • Virtual courses on “Inner Practices” and “Outer Practices”

  • Plus…

  • Speakership Training Time events

  • The Speakership Collective community

Live Membership Group 


When you join, you access:

  • Library of virtual courses

  • Weekly Live coaching meetings

  • 2x monthly meetings focused on your authentic memoir stories

  • 2x monthly meetings focused on speaking delivery, voice inflection, and body language

  • Plus…

  • Speakership Training Time events

  • The Speakership Collective community

Master Mind Group


  • Limited to 8 participants

  • 90 min weekly meetings

  • Access to all benefits of Live Membership Group

  • Plus…

  • Speakership Training Time events

  • The Speakership Collective community



Our participants have said…

I love the time to focus on what I want to achieve as a speaker
—Jenn Uhen, Founder of The Pledgettes

"I delivered the best workshop of my career yesterday. For the first time ever I felt empowered and secure with my material, and within myself. The practical tools guided me in strategically crafting a presentation with a clear message, and inspiring stories, videos, and exercises. Thank you for this win!"
—Catharine DeLong, Music Thanatologist


The weekly interaction regarding my speaking as it related to my business from the group and Margaret's expertise were invaluable. If I had never joined Margaret's group and been a student of her leadership and expertise I would have never uncovered a story I had that needed to be told. I was able to craft and master my story while being able to tell it with confidence. Which has provided new opportunities and successes within my career I wouldn't have otherwise had.
—Eric Haave, Living Benefits and Retirement Expert

Going on podcasts, doing events, and generally talking about my business is less terrifying. I am also suddenly much better at managing my imposter syndrome.  
—Selena Thiele, CEO of Office Mercenary Services

We all need a positive, empowering, and enthusiastic development opportunity while we are working through the challenging environment of today’s sequestered work lifestyle. [Open Office Hours] offers a safe and caring crucible to talk and be heard, to learn and to grow.  Looking forward to the next session.  
—Chris Hauck, HauckEye Marketing Research Consultancy




You can count on us to ...

Never share your info

Allow you complete control over your notifications

Be human: no infinite scroll. no algorithms.  

Strive for a celebratory and generous culture 

Accept you no matter your stage of speakership or leadership

Provide community, resources, and leadership development to all




A Big Thanks... YOU!

You have a direction. An idea. A vision of where you want to go and what you want to build. 

Now, when you look around, you even see that there are people watching you. Maybe even waiting for you to step up. 

A community that needs you. 

A community you want to serve. 


How do you step in to lead? 

To create the culture, the vision, the project you see? 

You speak.


Join us.



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